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Rick brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his presentations. He entered the speaking and training industry in the mid 1990's working personally with the legendary Jim Rohn and Brian Tracy.


Rick has personally conducted over 1,600 sales and personal development talks across the country for companies like IBM, Xerox, Sprint, Hewlett Packard, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Kodak and many others including training thousands of sales professionals and real estate agents. This website will feature many of the lessons Rick has learned over the years which have enabled him to take a Real Estate company from losing money to over $150K in profit in his first year as CEO.

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#1 Amazon Best Seller    #1 Amazon New Release

"Ever wondered what it takes to be successful? This book tells all! An incredible compilation of high achievers...and they are giving you their playbook. This needs to be the next book you read!!" Renee C.

"Different leaders with a mindset of their own! This will definitely be my go to book when I need to reset! It's all in how you start your day and create those repetitive habits." Claudia C.

"Thoroughly enjoyed reading these stories from all the brilliant entrepreneurs from various walks of life! With so many different journeys, there is a chapter to resonate with everyone. I’d highly recommend buying a couple of these books - one for yourself and some to give away to those who need to hear a particular story in their season of life. Thank you all for sharing!" Kurtis D.


Barb Dopp

Your tremendous ability to lead in a peaceful way inspires me! Your positivity and willingness to help means the world to those around you. Thank you for always sharing your insights –they are inspiring.

"I doubled, then tripled my business after coaching with Rick all while spending no more than 40 hours per week on average.  He is incredible and changed my life."

Rick, you are Truly Amazing! One of the most evolved, disciplined and developed men I have been privileged to know. A man for all seasons! Loyal, honest, completely reliable and dependable! A man’s man with the sensitivity of a woman. Truly Amazing!

Jennifer McCulloch

Ken Perkes

"Jennifer  McCulloch sold between $3 - $4 million every year in real estate for 12 years.  Our first year together she sold $8 million.  Our second year she sold over $11 million, and this year she sold over $13 million! Love seeing the success of my coaching clients! Way to go Jennifer!"

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