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  • (4) 30 minute sessions per month

  • (2) 30 minute calls per month

  • (1) 40 minute call per month

"Rick Gray has added a supercharger to my business! His valuable and regularly scheduled dosages of insight and accountability are taking my business to a whole new level. During our coaching sessions, we talk through and plan new ideas and sometimes ideas that I already had but just needed a kick in the pants to execute on. He then follows up with me on a regular basis via our coaching calls to ensure that what I said I needed to do gets done. Since coaching with him for only eight months now, here are just a few examples of things I’ve implemented within my business: a large Client appreciation party at a movie theater with well over 300+ in attendance, regular past client check-in phone calls and pop boys, VIP valued referral partner suite at a Portland Trail Blazer game attended by 50, a team offsite event (which he attended) and much more. The clip of momentum and trajectory that we as a team are on is amazing! Thanks for all your help Rick!" Steve Nassar, Portland, Oregon

“I am now much more CLEAR about my goals and already am moving toward them. THANK YOU!”  Dennis Graybill, Jr., San Jose, CA

“Thanks for the boost of confidence!” Kathryn Cain, Lafayette, IN

“Thank you for the reminder that all limitations are self imposed.” Andrew Goodale, Amonk, NY

“I received a clear picture of my major purpose in life.” Edward Rich, Deerborn, MI

“I can achieve focus and vision more now. I have ideas for better planning for future endeavors, also I can see I have been on the right path all along.” Linda Ramsay, Noblesville, IN

“I now have better focus and make better use of available time. Also, I have strengthened my goals and become more committed to work and family. Stay true to the work ethic and character I have built over the last 28 years of working.“ Bud Ramsay, Noblesville, IN

“This seminar has really focused me on my goals. I know that I will quadruple my income within 1 year. Every bit of this seminar was greatly beneficial to me, there was not one piece that was not beneficial.” Marina Gurevich, Carmel, IN

“I have learned some things about myself. The things I have learned will help me to make better decisions for my future.”Donna Coto, Merrillville, IN

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