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2020 Mastermind Takeaways

With all of the craziness going on lately, I have been fortunate to be a part of several high level mastermind groups with industry leaders from around the country. From military leaders, to Fortune 500 CEOs and various successful entrepreneurs, collaborating with such a wide variety of professionals has helped me readjust my 2020 mindset.

Here are a few of my recent takeaways (I think they can be helpful for you as well):


In this environment, it's crucial to PLAY to WIN, don't play NOT to LOSE. If you focus on circumstances, you will lose. If you focus on your capacity, & the systems and processes you control, you will win. NOW is the time to reinvent yourself and your business. This is going to be phenomenal! DON'T operate out of a fear of loss. Instead, Anticipate where things are going in your industry and reset and rethink your strategies.


Put your arms around people and check on them through direct phone calls. Now is the time to connect with people like crazy. How can you add value to people?


Be over prepared but don't worry. Do the best you can and let the rest go. Get your mind right and focus on what you control. What are you looking to accomplish? Master your skill and don't just seek out comfort.


Fear is our biggest enemy as it causes us to stop and be paralyzed. As Roosevelt said, "we have nothing to fear but fear itself." NOW is the time to take action and implement. Use your brain in the morning as we are the best at complex thinking earlier in the day.


Avoid negative media, movies, etc. ESPECIALLY in the evenings where your brain will process it overnight. Think about what you are grateful for right before you go to bed. Writing in a journal is very helpful with this. OWN your life and don't blame others.


Now is the time for learning, changing how we do things like leveraging technology better and implementing action. Now is not the time to cut back and freeze.

LOCATE YOUR MINDSET We are moving into a new era. We live in a global scenario. We source locally but live globally.

DON'T BE IN SALES, BE IN SERVICE Think about your specific business, what is your niche? Who else needs what you do? Nothing is ever lost, it is just moved. What else do my current clients need that I can provide? Add value.

OUT WITH THE OLD, IN WITH THE NEW What has changed and what is changing for good? Temporary vs the New Way. Focus on the new way of doing things and communicating with people. Help them adjust. There is going to be a huge surge in demand in most markets in the coming months, so be prepared and have capacity.

BE CONSCIOUS OF YOUR CONSUMPTION Who you are around and talking with regularly is very impactful. I personally have experienced this lately, big swings of emotion based on what narrative I chose to listen to and think about. Surround yourself with the best information and people who are taking positive steps to re-invent themselves. STAY AWAY from negative news and negative people! It's really crucial to think things out and have successful people around us. WE can be that person for others as well. LEAD people and don't get sucked into all the negative uncertainty others are allowing to rule their lives.

PERSPECTIVE IS KEY We have dealt with a lot of tough situations throughout history, and always come out stronger. World War I, the Great Depression, World War II, Vietnam, Korea, the Savings and Loan Collapse, Y2K, the Dotcom Bubble, Sept. 11th 2001, SARS Outbreak, the 2008 Recession, EBOLA in 2006, H1N1 in 2009, and here we are in 2020 facing the Coronavirus. Covid-19 isn't the first life threatening disease that has surged around the world, nor will it be the last. We'll need to work together to limit exposure to one another, especially older adults and people with underlying illness who have the greatest risk of developing severe symptoms - we do need to take action to contain the spread and protect those who are most vulnerable. I would love to help you put together a specific plan of action for your business, so let's connect. Keep leading!

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