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Positive Impact: Zig Ziglar

I just wanted to take a minute and talk about making an impact on other people's lives. It’s really important to take the time to make a positive impact in the world and on other people that you meet so I want to share a story from a friend of mine who went to a Zig Ziglar seminar. Now those of you that know me know I love Zig Ziglar. I adored him and read all of his books and listened to all of his audio programs. He has since passed away but he was a major influence on my sales career and on my life.

My friend Sean went to one of Zig’s seminars and he had VIP tickets sitting up in the front row. He took his two boys who were about six and nine years old.  Imagine these kids going to Zig’s executive selling seminar and hearing all the motivational and emotional stories that Zig has to tell. Fantastic stuff. Well on this occasion during the lunch break Zig was eating at a VIP table with some people that paid extra to have lunch with him. Sean did not do that so he and his boys were walking by the table Zig was sitting at, and he was there having a conversation with a few of the seminar attendees. Sean had his two boys with him and he went up and tapped Zig on the shoulder because he wanted to introduce his boys to Zig Ziglar, the man that had such an impact on him and so many others.  Now, interesting story, Sean went up to Zig, tapped his shoulder and said “Hey Mr. Ziglar, I'd like to introduce you to my boys, we really appreciate your seminar.” Here's what Zig did - think about this for a minute – most people would have probably turned around, looked over their shoulder at Sean and his boys and said “Oh, hi boys.” You know, “Nice to meet you I'm Zig,”  and then got back to lunch and back to the conversation he was having with his VIPs. That's not what Zig did. Zig actually got up, turned his chair 180 degrees facing away from the table - sat down and really looked at the boys. He picked up each boy turned him around, looked behind their ears and kind of held each of them in his hands for a second - looked each of them over really thoroughly and then he looked up at Sean and said “You know what? I knew it.” “I can spot them every time, these boys are winners.”

Just think about the impact that made on those kids. Sean told me that a few months later the boys were playing football in their peewee league, and they got beat like 36-0. They just got annihilated. One of the boys on the other team was not a very good sport and after the game he was running around saying “Hey, we won and you’re a bunch of losers.” He's calling all the kids on Sean's team losers. Then one of Sean’s sons runs up to him and says “Dad, I'm not a loser. Zig Ziglar says I'm a winner!”

Imagine that impact, months later. Think about the impact that's going to have on that boy’s life for the rest of his life.  Zig Ziglar did not have to do that. He didn’t have to take the time out of his schedule to make those boys feel important. But he did and that's the point!  That’s why I love Zig! I want you to do the same thing. Take some time to make a positive impact on somebody today. You never know how it will change someone’s life.

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