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What have you failed at today?

One element to achieving what you want is being willing to be wrong. Realizing that being wrong isn't fatal. The key to being great is the willingness to not be great along the way. The desire to fail on the way to a bigger goal is the secret to success.

Most people think successful people are right all the time. Here's the truth: successful people are NOT right. UNSUCCESSFUL people are right, all the time. Be willing to be wrong and learn. Adapt, change and persevere. THAT'S how you become successful.

Where did we pick up this idea that "I must always be right?" Is it because we always want to look good and in control? Let go of that concept. Be wrong and willing to admit it and improve. You don't succeed your way to success. You fail your way to success. If you are not failing a lot, you are most likely not accomplishing much. What have you failed at today?

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