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Why Realtors Need a Coach

Do you want to know why I am so passionate about coaching? There are so many people in real estate who get started with great ideals of really helping people, serving them at a high level and being a consummate professional only to get run ragged (and eventually burned out) by too many clients for their organizational capacity. Nobody is teaching people how to be BUSINESS OWNERS and run their real estate career like a business.

99.9% of real estate agents act like sales people, NOT business owners. If they are really good and attract a lot of clients, either they end up burned out and leaving the business (and their clients experience suffers) or they get a coach who can show them how to do it right, run a profitable business and service their growing client base at a high level.

A coach can help with: operational systems, organizational structure, focus on the right priorities, managing their calendars, delegation and leverage of tasks, business growth, high level customer service, etc.

When an agent gets out of real estate school, most have no idea on how to run a successful business. Unless they have prior business experience they are often doomed from the start. Either they NEVER get enough clients to make it work and wind up quitting within about 18 months, OR - they get a lot of business, don't know how to handle it properly and end up running themselves into the ground by working 16+ hour days 6-7 days per week. It becomes a battle of attrition. How long can they hang on?

Good coaches are sorely needed in the real estate industry. My belief is that MOST real estate agents need a great coach, yet only a tiny fraction (usually the higher producers, see the connection here?) actually have a coach.

I have spent over 22 years of my life as a real estate agent and almost 6 years coaching others to greater success in their businesses. I have seen far too many talented agents suffer and quit the business for lack of understanding how to run a business. There is no good reason agents don't hire a coach. It WILL impact their business dramatically. That is why I coach.

I get a thrill out of seeing other people succeed. In the world we live in, we need more of that in my opinion... People rooting for others to be successful, and guiding them and helping them along the way.

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